31st January in History

31st January in History: In this articles, we are going to publish a very informative video which contains all the events related to 31st January. This video is especially for those candidates who are preparing for Civil Services Exams

31st January in History:

CSS Syllabus 2017:

Importance of Central Superior Services:

Life keeps on moving. O Conner said that life is growth , growth is change and one thing of which we are certain is that society must keep moving on. With centuries passing, we have seen widening of the role of state and state has become one of great influence of society’s future progress. All over the world , in modern state civil service has a formidable role. This is because it has to implement, praise and develop policies concerning the well-being of the society. Civil services are the wheels on which the whole state moves. Civil servants are the leaders of Pakistan who devote their education and themselves for the service and well-being of their country.

Some of the services which the civil service provides are:

  1. Public goods
  2. Law and order
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Security and defence
  5. Public transport
  6. Public education
  7. Public healthcare
  8. Transport
  9. Telecommunications

Civil services are a great field for young individuals to explore. Apart from serving the country, this area offers immense opportunities in terms of interacting with new people, immense monetary benefits and power which can solve some of the problems that Pakistan is faced with.

Some of the reasons why civil service is given high regards:

  1. Government its policies and decisions through civil service department and civil servants.
  2. Civil service has great autonomy when it comes to suggesting policies to the government.
  3. Backbone of government and hence the nation.
  4. The entire country is dependent on it.

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